Spring Body Reset: The “Let’s Not Call It a Cleanse” Cleanse

Fruit and vegetable cleanse

All right, I know the Interwebs are always ablaze with a new “super duper miracle cleanse” or an all-juice diet that usually consists of starving yourself whilst cleansing out the toxins that are keeping you from feeling your best. Honey, I have done it AWL. I mean, truly. The Master Cleanse nearly killed me. I tried an apple cider vinegar cleanse, and that lowered my blood pressure so much that I fainted and hit my head on a coffee table giving myself a nice shiner and trip to the E.R. Gwyneth likes to tell us at goop that a full-time working, gym-going, kid-having, on-the-go female can drink herbal teas and a spoonful of mushed lentils to cleanse ourselves, thus making us feel radiant. This might be true, but I also may freak out and order the entire Fresco menu at Taco Bell by day two from sheer hunger/anger/confusion. I can’t be blamed. It’s not my fault that I like to chew things. I am not putting down ANYONE who can do this…but I can’t.

And I got a solution for ya!


Eat for the Week: Portland Soup

Portland Soup Put some broth on it!

I went to Portland at the end of August to visit my cousins & their adorable new baby before swinging up to our family reunion outside of Seattle (where even more adorable babies awaited me!).

I LOVE PORTLAND. I love its neighborhood nooks. I love its food trucks. I love how ubiquitous responsible/sustainable/organic food is. I love that Portlandia now makes more sense to me. And I love Portland Soup.

What is Portland Soup, you ask? On our last night in the city, my cousin’s friends prepared a really delicious and hearty soup. It was so good that two days after returning to DC, I made my own batch, with a few twists on the original. And then I made it again, using produce I gathered at a recent farmer’s market haul (so fall fresh!). Every time I make it, it feels hearty but healthy, filling but not overly heavy. It’s a perfect fall soup.

This is also the type of soup that gets better each day you eat it for leftovers. If you make a batch of this on Sunday or Monday, you can eat it at lunch all week.