Taste the Rainbow: Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad

Anyone who knows me from my formative years (JENNIFER) will tell you that when I was growing up, I was OBSESSED with rainbows. I drew a rainbow under the “K” in my name on homework, and I bought only rainbow posters, rainbow socks, rainbow pens. I painted my room myriad colors, much to my parent’s dismay. I even wore rainbow make-up. Sometimes…I still do. Although, as I approach 30, I’ve learned to embrace more earth tones. Whatever, I still like me some purple eyeshadow! Rainbows are just FUN. They are fair, you know? Not neglecting any color, any shade. Everything is represented! Equal rights. Well, turns out, rainbows are a good way to eat your fruits and vegetables. I knew I was onto something… (but put those Skittles down, girl.)

This recipe comes from years of trial and error. And by error, I should specify that there is no bad way to make this salad. It’s just a matter of preference, as most of my recipes are! Haven’t gone to the market in a week? No problem. This is a simple and nutritious recipe, and once you have the BASE down, you can literally throw anything in it.


Eat for the Week: Portland Soup

Portland Soup Put some broth on it!

I went to Portland at the end of August to visit my cousins & their adorable new baby before swinging up to our family reunion outside of Seattle (where even more adorable babies awaited me!).

I LOVE PORTLAND. I love its neighborhood nooks. I love its food trucks. I love how ubiquitous responsible/sustainable/organic food is. I love that Portlandia now makes more sense to me. And I love Portland Soup.

What is Portland Soup, you ask? On our last night in the city, my cousin’s friends prepared a really delicious and hearty soup. It was so good that two days after returning to DC, I made my own batch, with a few twists on the original. And then I made it again, using produce I gathered at a recent farmer’s market haul (so fall fresh!). Every time I make it, it feels hearty but healthy, filling but not overly heavy. It’s a perfect fall soup.

This is also the type of soup that gets better each day you eat it for leftovers. If you make a batch of this on Sunday or Monday, you can eat it at lunch all week.