We created Unsullied in 2013 to be our “happy place” – a little corner of the Interwebs where we could write about the things that make us feel happiest and healthiest. We’re at our best when we’re using natural products, eating healthy/fresh/local/organic food, and taking care of our bodies. We like to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in our food and on our face.

“Do no harm, take no sh*t” is our blog’s motto. It sums up the way we feel about living well: treat yourselves, others and the Earth with dignity, and don’t let companies sell you products riddled with nasties that will someday cause you to sprout a third eye (and not the good, yogi kind).

We feel empowered by the many innovative and transparent brands of all sizes that are using healthy, nourishing, natural ingredients to make pure, powerful and effective skincare and make-up (thank you!). We’re tired of products that employ greenwashing as a marketing technique, and masquerade as “all-natural” – especially when they are chock-full of irritating and even hazardous chemicals that have been linked to cancer, inflammation and disease. We devour product labels and discard those that contain unnecessary, non-natural ingredients. We like to make things at home so that we know what goes into our skincare, shampoo, makeup, laundry detergent, household cleaning solutions, etc. – and because it’s a lot of fun – and cheap! We like to eat whole foods and exercise. (Well, Jennifer likes to exercise. Kathryne thinks that exercise is more of a spectator sport…) We like to feel awesome.

As sisters living on opposite coasts, Unsullied brings us together behind something we feel very passionate about: healthy living. Thanks for “gettin’ unsullied” with us!

Jennifer works in marketing at an environmental organization in Washington, DC, which opened up her eyes to the nasties that surround us in our day-to-day lives, from the synthetic and sometimes scary chemicals lurking in our makeup and skincare products to the VOCs coming off our wall paint and furniture. All of these challenges empower us to make better choices and take on interesting DIY projects, so let’s have some fun with it, shall we?! Jennifer loves the sun (gotta get my vitamin D), her sista, running, riding her li’l blue vintage bike around the city, yoga, good tunes/shows, perpetually lurking on Instagram/Pinterest, overusing parenthesis, and most of all: Mexican food.

Kathryne, a filmmaker, lives in sunny Los Angeles and tries to avoid those UV rays whenever possible with large hats and SPF. A self-diagnosed skin care junkie, she was shocked when she found out that a lot of her high end products contained ingredients that she certainly didn’t want on her mug and thus in her body. Labelled a “magician in the kitchen” by her family, she’s excited to share some of her tried and true recipes for better skin and happy bellies. Trying out new ways to live sustainably, and with joy is her everyday mission. She also loves her little sister Jennifer, who opened up her eyes to the world of greenwashing. Once your eyes are open to it, they can never be closed again. Thank you, wise little sis.

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Some of our entry photos are taken by the charming & talented Matt Fore. Check him out.

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