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Unless explicitly noted, every product that we review has been purchased with our own moolah. But we do love receiving product samples from all-natural skincare, makeup, household, and other product lines: it gives us a chance to discover new brands and save some of our “blogger dollars” that we spend on this labor of love/passion project. If you’re a product manufacturer and would like to get in touch about a review, email us at getunsullied (at) gmail (dot) com. Our policy regarding product reviews (PR samples or purchased by us) is simple: at Unsullied, we like to keep it positive. This blog is a place of joy for us! So: we only write about products we love. We’ll happily test out your products but will only post about the ones we love. And though we both tend to be enthused about almost everything (t’is our nature…), Jennifer’s a former journalist and keeps our bias in check. 100% of the reviews on Unsullied represent our honest opinion.

If it’s not already obvious…we are not doctors, dermatologists or dietitians. The content on our site is based on our own research into the world of natural living and reflects our personal experiences. We hope you find some tidbits and recipes you’re able to apply in your own life, but remember to talk with your doctor if you have any concerns about the products you’re using and the food you’re eating.