2014 Faves…and Happy New Year!

This year was special for us in so many ways. It was our first full year as green beauty bloggers, and we learned so much from this awesome community – the warmth and kindness that met us this year is something we will never forget. We became closer as sisters who live 3,000 miles apart, and Unsullied has been a great way for us to keep in touch and share knowledge and ideas with each other. THAT said…drumroll, please…here are our favorite products of 2014, out of the plethora we slathered all over our sometimes confused and disconcerted skin/bodies (all for the sake of the blog and furthering our green beauty education, y’all). If you read our blog regularly, you probably won’t be surprised at ALL at our picks! (Hey, when we like something, we LIKE something!) We included some tidbits from our original reviews. Onward!

Kathryne’s Faves

Acure Organics: Line Eraser
May 21 – Best of Acure Organics: The Line Eraser is my absolute, hands down, FAVORITE Acure product. The Line Eraser is not only a product I have ALREADY bought for myself, (and will again, and again…) but this little pot of heaven is your answer to most skin care problems. I started with putting it on my “lines” – forehead, laugh lines, etc. Then I started putting it on old acne scars, new acne scars, my eyebrows…you name it! (I started deliberately putting this on my eyebrows at night because I realized that it has helped them grow in thicker. Who doesn’t want THAT?) It’s like a healing salve, and so much more. You can put it on burns, cuts, scrapes, eczema, psoriasis, etc. It’s 100% organic. The Line Eraser’s rich, almost Vaseline-like texture lend itself to really, really working wonders on your skin. It lightens and brightens scars, and has worked literal miracles on my brow/frown lines, the things I am most self-conscious about. Even if you COVER yourself in it, as I have everyday, it will last you a solid 6-8 weeks.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics: Eye Balm
Oct. 14 – A Laurel Love Story: Let me be clear: this Eye Balm is quite possibly the best product I have used all year.

This balm – not cream or serum or mask – but balm is exactly that. It looks a bit waxy in the pot, like it might be thick. I assure you, it is not. It’s the perfect consistency with 24 beneficial active ingredients infused with vitamins, minerals and carotene. This is a li’l pot o’ heaven. It sounds so corny, but your eyes will thank you. No, really. It’s that good. Just a few pats with my pinky and my eyes are left deeply hydrated. Anyone over the age of 18 gets dark circles, sometimes even cracking due to dry skin around the eyes. Time hits your eyes first, then moves down. I thought I had sort of a permanent grayish circle that would never go away again due to late night writing jags and the everyday stresses that come with just being…you know, an adult? Life takes its toll, no matter how much you take care of yourself! Since using this balm, my dark circles have not only lightened up, but I feel like the skin around my eyes is brighter and healthier looking. I braved lunch today (at a restaurant) with two swipes of mascara and nothing else. I have never felt better about going bare. Revitalized is the word that comes to mind.

Yours Truly Organics: Fix Me! Repairing Serum
Nov. 17 – Our New Friend from Overseas: Yours Truly Organics: This serum feels like an enriching treat. Like I’m doing my skin a favor. After a few days of using this, I noticed clearer, more buoyant skin. My skin felt like it had more glow to it. I’d catch myself in the mirror and wonder if it was a fluke. It was not. A waiter at a restaurant stopped in front of me and said, “Your skin is RADIANT.” Given that I was not wearing ANY base foundation whatsoever (it was brunch, sue me) – I took this as a good sign. It’s not everyday a stranger compliments you on your skin. Eh?!

Jennifer’s Faves

One Love Organics: Brand New Day Scrub + Mask
Jan. 17 – Falling for One Love Organics: I first used this bad boy as a scrub. Afterward, my face felt as polished and smooth as a river rock. It really was the dawn of a brand new day for my complexion, y’all. This product is sneaky, though: the particles feel super fine in your hands (the scrub’s all-clean ingredients include corn starch and sweet pea flour). If you’re anything like me, you may be doubting their exfoliating power as you’re mixing up your paste. But once applied and rinsed off, you’ll emerge feeling completely clear of buildup and residue. Whatever junk – make-up, dead skin cells – was lurking on your complexion ain’t gonna survive this scrub.

Osmia Organics: Spot Treatment
Apr. 10 – 5 Ways to Beat Breakouts, Naturally: Osmia’s Spot Treatment is my favorite…because it provides virtually instant gratification for acne sufferers. This is lightning in a bottle, friends!

I love the irony of it: this is the teensiest little rollerball with the most massive impact! Dab a bit of this baby on your blemishes and trouble spots (don’t apply this powerful serum all over, Osmia warns), as the last step in your skincare routine. I’ve been using it every morning and night, twice a day. I noticed visible improvements on my skin within 24 hours. Amazing! There is nothing like it. It’s a gentle serum that quietly kicks the crap out of your acne while you’re going about your day. It’s sort of like hiring a very discreet hit man for your zits.

Herbivore Botanicals: Sea Mist Spray
Nov. 17 – Are You a Skin Care Herbivore? This spray, which mimics ocean water, has salt and essential oils that give hair an incredible smell (I own the Vanille de Tahiti scent, but you can also pick up the original Lavender and Sage) and piece-y texture so that you don’t look like a complete bum bouncing straight from the shower to the street.

But I’ve been using it long past summer. Now that it’s fall (or winter? Is it winter right now? Can I just hibernate for the next months…?), I’ll spritz it in my hair and tousle before heading out for dinner or drinks for a more voluminous/sex panther (yes, sex panther) look. Works great in waves/curls, too, if you’re hitting dat curling iron. In general, this spray is an awesome way to refresh your “locks” and smell delightful.

Happy New Year, everybody! Wishing you health and happiness in 2015.

  • Hephzibah

    Haha – “a discreet hit man for your zits” – excellent. Brilliant picks, these are all on my wishlist! xx

  • http://dreamandscheme.wordpress.com Dream & Scheme

    These are great! I love the Osmia Organics Spot Treatment (though it is a touch pricey for the amount) and would love to try Laurel Whole Plant and Herbivore Botanicals. Happy New Year!

    • http://getunsullied.com/ Unsullied

      Everything Laurel makes is amazing! :0)

  • http://www.mademoisellenature.com/ Mademoiselle nature

    Really nice fav! Happy new Year 2015!

  • http://www.naturiabeauty.com/ Ria @ NatuRia Beauty

    I love the Acure line eraser too! Picked up on your recommendation of course ;) Love the sound of the Laurel eye balm! x

    • http://getunsullied.com/ Unsullied

      …. it will change your life. :0)

  • Brazen Brunette

    Happy New Year you guys! I will definitely be trying the Fix me! Repairing Serum, who doesn’t want more radiant skin?!

    xoxo Nicole


  • http://bowtiedbeauty.blogspot.com Tania

    Ooh great picks! This year I definitely want to try something from Herbivore Botanicals :) x

  • http://www.thefigsheart.com/ Lauren Burkitt

    Great post! I’m such a fan of the One Love Organics scrub and the Herbivore Botanicals sea salt spray! Both amazing. It’s been such a good year for green beauty products, I can’t even imagine what 2015 is going to bring to the table.
    Happy New Year beauties! xo

  • http://shortsmallsweet.net/ shortsmallsweet

    I find that if I use too much/often of the Acure line eraser, it can cause me spots instead. But whooo I should try it on my brows! Happy 2015, Unsullied girls! xx

  • Stephanie

    So, now I’m definitely going to have to try the Laurel Eye Balm! It’s been on my wishlist for months. Love this round-up.

  • http://www.ambersbeautytalk.com Amber

    So yeah, I now need the Laurel Eye balm!!! I really like the YTO Fix Me Serum too…but nobody compliments me on my skin!! Unfair ;) hehe! Definitely want to try Herbivore Botanicals this year!