Are you a skin care herbivore?


Herbivore Botanicals. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

All of Herbivore Botanicals’ skin care products are 100% natural. Their ingredient lists are short and simple. Their products are beautifully branded and packaged in glass, so you can repurpose the bottles or recycle them. Did I mention how attractive their labels are?! (I did. I did.) It’s products like these that will win over even more natural skin care users, because whether or not you have an appreciation for…say…witch hazel, who doesn’t covet a beautiful glass bottle for their bathroom countertop?!

I seriously cannot get enough of this brand, if my past posts weren’t indication…(this one, and this one, and this one…) GUILTY.

Here are my latest Herbivore acquisitions from earlier this year. Thank you to Herbviore’s creators, Julia and Alex, for letting me go nuts and pick out a batch of products for review!

Balance Facial Toner

Toner has become my favorite skin care product. For years, I skipped the toning step. But now, I find it’s a critical way to prime my face for application of moisturizer (better absorption and slippery skin surface) and a refreshing/nourishing way to pack in extra natural ingredients that serve my skin’s needs.

Balance ($24 for 4 oz.) has been my go-to toner for the past several months, and I’m not planning on switching any time soon. If you have oily/combination skin like me (aren’t you lucky?), ch-check this one out.

Let me walk you through the ingredients. #1 = witch hazel (yes, there’s more witch hazel than water in this bad boy). Witch hazel is a natural astringent and helps with acne-prone, oily skin. Who needs an irritating chemical ingredient when you can get the same benefits from nature? Next: Aloe vera and vegetable glycerine are both super gentle and smooth moisturizers. And lastly, essential oils for an added punch: neroli and hyssop decumbens. All I knew about neroli oil before bringing Balance into my life (#hallelujah) was that it has a pleasant citrus-y scent. Turns out, it does more than that: Herbivore included it in their toner for its nourishing and regenerative properties. The hyssop decumbens oil is detoxifying.

Despite the high witch hazel content, I’ve found this toner to be gentle enough to apply both morning and night, and super refreshing.


Sea Mist Hair Spray

I started using this spray ($20 for 8 oz.) as a texturizer in summer. If you’re a lazy human like me, you probably also ascribe to air drying your hair all summer long. This spray, which mimics ocean water, has salt and essential oils that give hair an incredible smell (I own the Vanille de Tahiti scent, but you can also pick up the original Lavender and Sage) and piece-y texture so that you don’t look like a complete bum bouncing straight from the shower to the street.

But I’ve been using it long past summer. Now that it’s fall (or winter? Is it winter right now? Can I just hibernate for the next months…?), I’ll spritz it in my hair and tousle before heading out for dinner or drinks for a more voluminous/sex panther (yes, sex panther) look. Works great in waves/curls, too, if you’re hitting dat curling iron. In general, this spray is an awesome way to refresh your “locks” and smell delightful. Concentrate your sprays on the ends of your hair, though, and don’t overdo it (a few solid sprays will do ya), since the oils can make hair appear greasy if you go nuts.



Dead Sea Bath Salts
Let me officially flag this as the first *holiday season* reference on Unsullied…that phrase sends chills down my spine. I can’t believe gift-giving season is upon us. But it is, and here’s our first suggestion for ya.

I’ve gifted Herbivore Botanicals’ bath salts ($18) to a best friend and I worked my way through the Calm bath salts in a single week. Who doesn’t love a bath?! (Really? You know someone? Does he/she also hate puppies and sunshine, too?) And even if your gift recipient doesn’t use these salts for a few months, said human will probably delight in having this lovely jar on display in their bathroom. In fact, he/she may not want to use them for that very reason: these jars are *pretty awesome* bathroom decor. I speak from experience. I felt fly as hell with this jar of salmon-colored crystals hangin’ out on my countertop. FLY.

The Calm bath salts smell incredible: ylang ylang and vanilla combine for a floral, garden-y, sweet and balanced scent. When I used up the last of them, I kept the empty jar next to the tub just so I could take a few final whiffs before recycling it (I realize I sound like a bath salts drug lord right now). The smell largely dissipates once the salts dissolve in the water, but you’ll be steeping in a good-for-you bathtub filled with minerals from Dead Sea salts for your body to absorb. Buy a bunch of these, put sweet li’l twine gift tags around ‘em, and then sleep until the holidays are over. DONE.

If that’s not enough Herbivore for you, then you should probably go check out all of their new releases. Oh, God. Look at those facial oils…are those rectangular glass bottles?…go. Go right now. But don’t blame me when you wake up tomorrow morning in a natural beauty coma and $100 less in your bank account.

Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts ingredients: Dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, essential oil blend

Sea Mist Hair Spray ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera, dead sea salt, essential oil blend

Balance Facial Toner ingredients: Witch hazel, purified water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, essential oil blend of neroli and hyssop decumbens

**All Herbivore Botanicals products were generously sent to me for review by the product manufacturer. Check out our policy on product reviews.

Do you own any Herbivore Botanicals products? What are you eyeing from their line?

  • Dream & Scheme

    I have been eyeing this lovely brand since becoming obsessed with Etsy! Such gorgeous packaging as well. I especially want to give the Balance Toner and powerhouse facial oils.

    • Unsullied

      Thanks for reading! I found them on Etsy, too! It’s incredible how many natural skin care brands are on there…just waiting to be discovered…and steal all of my $$. Haha. You’ll have to let me know what you try!

      - Jennifer

      • Dream & Scheme

        Definitely! I have a surplus of brands from Etsy I’d like to try in addition to Herbivore Botanicals, including: Leahlani Skincare, CAMP, Herbivore Botanicals, Glory Boon, Precious Skin Elixirs, etc…

      • Unsullied

        Ooooh, adding your finds to my wishlist…you’re enabling me!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Looking absolutely divine! would love to try the Hair spray! x

    • Unsullied

      It smells so good and it’s such a generous size that I find myself using it as a room spray or even a body spray from time to time…ha!

      - Jennifer

  • Nic Gustafsson

    Loved this post, thanks for sharing! And yes, I completely agree with Audrey, the hair spray sounds like a must-have, especially since I use a curling iron now and again with my growing hair =) I’ve had my eye on them all year pretty much but have yet to take the plunge…soon!

    • Unsullied

      Thanks, Nic! I had never used a hair texturizer before this product and now I don’t know how I lived without it! Let me know what you pick up & how Herbivore works out for you. :)

      - Jennifer

  • Lauren Burkitt

    Mmmm I just bought their Pink Clay Face Mask & Lapis Facial Oil. The packaging is absolutely stunning and the product is amazing quality. I’m so happy with this brand. I would love to try the Hair Mist after reading this review :) Lovely post! xo

    • Unsullied

      Thanks, Lauren! Lapis is my next pursuit, I’m so excited. Julia & Alex said that this replaces their blue Purify serum which I was a HUGE fan of, so I’m sure it’s going to be a winner for my skin. Let me know how you like the pink clay, I haven’t tried it!

      - Jennifer

  • Jana

    Another gorgeous looking brand that’s on my wishlist!<3 xx

    • Unsullied

      Thanks for reading, Jana! The problem with Herbivore is I can never get enough…argh.

      - Jennifer

  • Ria @ NatuRia Beauty

    Love the look of Herbivore products! Definitely want to try the salt spray, love using mists like that when I’m letting my hair air dry :)

    • Unsullied

      Agreed! Too bad I’m months away from air drying now that we’re in the dead of winter over here…I’m afraid I would find icicles in my hair if I did.