Bottled Beauty: Herbivore Botanicals Facial Serum

Herbivore Botanicals Facial Serum

Etsy is a goldmine for handcrafted, natural skin and beauty products. I could spend hours on Etsy. Wait, wrong verb and tense. I do spend hours on Etsy.

Hence where I discovered Herbivore Botanicals! Man, if I could award a “Best in Show” superlative to any of my natural skincare products, it would go to these guys. Their super sleek, geometric branding caught my eye immediately. SO LOVELY. The good news is the nutrient-rich oils and all-natural ingredients that they pack into those beautiful little bottles are just as good as what’s on the label. Feast your eyes.

I’ve only tried out Herbivore Botanicals’ Facial Serum ($36 for 1 oz.), but I’ve perused their Etsy page at length, and I have high expectations for all of their all-natural soaps, masks and more (I mean…worse comes to worse, it’s still going to look pretty on your countertop. Joking!). I selected their Organic Pink Clay Floral Facial Mask to include in my green beauty swap with Mayah of Call it Vanity. You can read her input over there!

Herbivore Botanicals Facial Serum

Let’s get down to the serum. To give you the highlights from the product description: Julia and Alex (the duo behind Herbivore Botanicals) formulated this serum to “restore vibrance and elasticity.” They state that it “…absorbs quickly and leaves your skin extremely soft, thoroughly hydrated, and truly nourished.”

Well, I ain’t one to argue. I absolutely love this serum.

It’s a rich amber color (further complementing that design aesthetic…) thanks to the pigmented rosehip seed oil, and has an earthy, organic aroma that really appeals to me. Three drops, one on my forehead and two on my cheeks, is all I need to keep me moisturized throughout the day. I slather any leftover residue on my neck (gobble gobble).

This product feels very luxurious. I’m an ardent argan oil user, and comparatively, the Herbivore Botanicals serum is thicker: in part due to the addition of jojoba oil, I imagine. I have to confess that this product = my first foray into oil blends and I am most certainly hooked. The argan and jojoba both provide excellent moisture. Rosehip, rose geranium, and carrot seed oils are all new territory to me. Herbivore Botanicals describes the rosehip oil as “nourishing” (high in antioxidants and vitamin C), the rose geranium oil as “balancing” for dry/oily skin, and the vitamin E, C and A-rich carrot seed oil as “rejuvenating.”

I’ve been using this serum for about a month now, during the day and before bed, and my impression is that it’s an effective multi-tasker. I use it primarily as a moisturizer, but feel reassured that it’s also bitch-slapping my forehead furrows while I’m going about my day or sleeping angelically (more like snoring and kicking my boyfriend in the face).

Through my journey to find natural, chemical-free skin and beauty products, I’ve developed a preference for small-batch, handmade organic goods. Don’t get me wrong! I love a boatload of bigger companies and especially appreciate how they are championing chemical-free skincare and making it more accessible than ever. But I love the thoughtful, artisan feel of Herbivore Botanicals and other brands, like S.W. Basics and Fat and the Moon. I love that their ingredient lists are short and contain pure materials that I understand (shea butter! Jojoba oil! etc.), as opposed to the pentasyllabic compounds (plant-derived, mind you, so not to fear) that pepper the labels of bigger brand, natural/organic products. They just feel that much more whole and special. Though, Herbivore Botanicals is no small fry, to be sure – Anthropologie picked up their products last year! Very happy for them.

If you’re also into small-batch, handmade skincare, check out all of my green beauty finds on Etsy. I’m already getting excited about future Etsy product reviews and round-ups. It’s the LAND OF PLENTY for green beauty.

Herbivore Botanicals Facial Serum ingredients:
Organic rosehip oil, organic argan oil, golden jojoba oil, rose geranium oil, carrot seed oil

What other green beauty finds from Etsy do we need to try?

  • Amber

    Hahaha your writing makes me laugh so much! (gobble gobble)! This sounds lovely and I love the design of the packaging too. I love looking on Etsy to find handmade natural products its such a great website and I must admit I was pretty jealous that Mayah got the pink clay mask in your swap ;)

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Amber! I clearly have a hard time taking myself seriously… :)

      Would love to hear what you’re eyeing on Etsy so I can add to my growing wishlist!

  • Mademoiselle Nature

    Really nice post! i love this kind of Artisan beauty brands! …now I know what I am going to do :-

  • Mademoiselle Nature

    By the way, I am not too familiar with Etsy and Opensky. What are the differences between the 2? merci!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks so much! I can’t get enough of artisan beauty brands, either – so good. As for Etsy vs. Opensky: I have to say, I’m not very familiar with Opensky, so I don’t think I can be much help here! I do know that pretty much anyone can open a store on Etsy, and all of the items are handmade or vintage. It seems to me like the merchants on Etsy might be smaller biz in general – folks making handmade skincare in their kitchen & knitting custom hats from their bedroom. Which I love. But will have to do more shopping around on Opensky to figure it out!

  • Elegantly Eco

    Love your sense of humour. I haven’t bought anything on etsy yet. I may go crazy with all the choices! LOL.

    • Jennifer

      Thank you! SERIOUSLY, Etsy is overwhelming. But I’m confident that between all of us bloggers we can sample every product on there. Ha! #iwish

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