“Magnetic” Mask & Summery Scents: New Releases from Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals mask

Ladies (and possibly gent: Dad, are you reading?), may I present to you my latest haul from my beloved Herbivore Botanicals?

I fell in love with this brand’s simple and striking design and now that I’ve been using their facial serum (check out my review) for the past three months, I can vouch for the quality, purity and simplicity of their all-natural ingredients, too. When I recently saw that Herbivore Botanicals had restocked its shop with some new products, ranging from exotically scented body oils to a blue tinted facial serum (blue!) my credit card practically jumped out of my wallet. I don’t treat myself to an overabundance of things, but these well-designed products double as countertop decor, so it’s a deal, y’all.

The products I picked, their Luminous Body Oil in Neroli Blossom and their Activate Deep Pore Cleanse Mask, both introduced me to new ingredients I’ve never used or applied to my body/face – and so far, I’m loving the results!

Herbivore Botanicals wrapping

Herbivore Botanicals body oil

Luminous Body Oil in Neroli Blossom

Herbivore Botanicals describes their Luminous Body Oil in Neroli Blossom ($32 for 4 oz.) as “summery,” and that was enough to sell me. I had no idea what neroli was when I discovered this body oil, but if a scent can get me in the summer state of mind, let’s just go on and bathe in it, shall we?

While I can’t say that this simple and beautiful bottle of body oil comes with an ice cold shandy and sunglasses, I can tell you that it applies smooth and slippery, even on dry skin, which I love. It glides easily over the body, moisturizes very well (even on elbows, if you use a little extra) and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. Apricot kernel, golden jojoba, organic rosehip and vitamin E oils all provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. Man, I am on a rosehip oil kick these days…! I love the way it feels, and whether in a facial serum or a body oil, it is so easily massaged into the skin.

And yes, the scent is spot-on summer in a bottle. I LOVE it, and it’s so unique. It’s subtly sweet with a heavy dose of spice, and conjures images of Wayfarers, hazy days and short-shorts. Neroli (or orange blossom) brings the floral scent, and grapefruit essential oil also provides a bright, sharp note. The overall summery sweetness is a little bit reminiscent of Fruit Loops – I’m hesitant to write that because I recently likened Osmia Organics’ sweetly scented spot treatment to Fruit Loops, too. Do I have broken scent receptors that mistake essential oils for sugar cereal?!…I will work on my scent vocabulary and try not to write these entires while hungry anymore.

The body oil is also available in Egyptian Jasmine - which I almost bought! - Ylang Ylang and Vetiver.

Activate Deep Pore Cleanse Mask

Uh, this mask ($34 for 2 oz.) is powerful. Holy crap. After I mix up and apply this dark knight to my face, I can literally see the dirt on my face lifting off my skin. It’s like holding a magnet over metal filings, except the mask is the magnet and the gunk on my face = the filings. WHAT. AWESOME. I suppose it could also be the powder particles, but I noticed that this phenomenon was happening over the “trouble” spots on my face. Either way, a cool effect!

The mask arrives in powder form, and you need just a teensy bit of water to bring it to a gooey consistency. I love what Herbivore Botanicals has to say about the rationale behind this powder mask:

We formulated this to be a concentrated mask that can be freshly mixed up quickly before each use rather than a traditional wet mask that has been pre mixed with water and steeping in chemicals and preservatives prior to use.

…and for that, we thank you, Herbivore!

So. What’s in this baby that leaves the dirt in my pores clinging onto my epidermis for dear life? Dead sea clay and activated bamboo charcoal both draw out and absorb impurities from the skin, leaving you feeling super clean. This was my first encounter with tourmaline, which is the first-listed ingredient of this mask: it’s a gemstone crystal that Herbivore Botanicals says, when rubbed into skin, becomes negatively charged on one end and positively charged on the other, aiding ingredient absorption and increasing circulation. Lastly, a tiny amount of essential oils give this mask a subtle scent (jasmine and blue yarrow).

If you’re looking for a luxurious mask that provides a serious pore-cleansing, give this one a whirl!

One word of caution: this mask leaves a bit of a black-colored residue on my face, even after I’ve rinsed thoroughly and applied a generous amount of toner + cotton. For that reason, I’d advise using this mask at night, since the residue seems to disappear by morning. (On my sheets? Into my skin? #unsolvedmysteries)

Luminous Body Oil in Neroli Blossom ingredients:
Apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils of neroli and pink grapefruit

Activate Deep Pore Cleanse Mask ingredients:
Micronized tourmaline gemstone, dead sea clay, activated bamboo charcoal, essential oils of jasmine and blue yarrow

Have you tried tourmaline or other gemstone ingredients in your beauty products?

  • http://www.mademoisellenature.blogspot.com Mademoiselle Nature

    Nice review!!!!!
    I really would like to try this brand! looking awesome ( well..except the darks residues :-)))..

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, their products are some of my favorites. The dark residue *is* a little funny but given the pore-clearing power, it’s not a bad trade-off :)

  • http://www.ambersbeautytalk.com Amber

    Great reviews! Love the sound of both of these products. The oil sounds delicious I love orange scented products and the mask sounds right up my street. I have heard about using charcoal for blackheads/breakouts etc and it sounds like it works really well! Their packaging is just so chic too, LOVE!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Amber! You must get yourself some charcoal, lady! It exceeded all expectation. :) I’m still trying to pinpoint which ingredient it is in the mask that causes such strong dirt pulling…maybe a combination of all three? But my hunch is that the charcoal plays a big part. So powerful!

  • http://smellslikeagreenspirit.blogspot.com/ Liz

    Love this! Great review! I very recently jumped on the Herbivore Botanicals bandwagon, and I got the Purify facial serum (the blue tinted one!) So far, so good, it’s very gentle and my skin seems to like it. Now, you make me want to try both products! I’m not too worried about the black residue, because May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver tends to do that as well. As long as it disappears in the morning ;) xx

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Liz! I have been SEARCHING for a review of Herbivore’s blue facial serum – it’s great to hear your feedback on it! I was really close to ordering it just so I could say I had a *blue* facial serum. Clearly, my priorities are in the right place… :) Aaaand, unrelated, but speaking of gemstones/rocks & minerals in facial care products, I saw your post about your jade facial roller – how freaking cool. Thanks for sharing that!

  • http://jordanlacount.com Jordan

    Seriously, it’s totally Fruit Loops — same with the Juice Beauty CC Cream.
    HUGE fan of them both!

    • Jennifer

      HA! Until I learn more scent terminology, it’s Fruit Loops forever. It’s a universally understood reference, right?! (and dang, is there a CC cream that smells that good? Sign me up!)

  • Emily

    I have been using the Michael Todd Organics Charcoal Facial Cleanser for about a week and LOVE it. Now that I am on the charcoal bandwagon, tempted to try this too.

    • Jennifer

      Love that we discovered charcoal at the same time…I’ve never felt so *clean.* Must check out that Michael Todd cleanser…I’d definitely like to incorporate charcoal into my daily routine now. Did you find it drying at all? Since it’s Michael Todd I assume it’s pretty gentle?

  • http://nephriticus.blogspot.com Jade

    You girls and Herbivore Botanicals! I LOVE the sound of that Egyptian Jasmine body oil–yum. Also the blue serum that Liz mentioned. On my list to try!

    • Jennifer

      I know, right? I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. You have to let me know if you try the jasmine body oil, if I get through the neroli scent before summer’s over, I’m ordering that next!

  • http://bowtiedbeauty.blogspot.co.uk Tania

    Love their packaging too, and every product from them just sounds amazing, would love to try everything here! x

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Tania, you should treat yo’self! The packaging is a little present in and of itself – all of my Herbivore products are proudly displayed on the shelf in my bathroom :) Not many products make it up on that “pedestal” …ha!

  • http://www.thenaturaljunkie.com Jules – The Natural Junkie

    Great review! The Deep Pore Cleanse Mask sounds like something I would love using and the Egyptian Jasmine Oil sounds awesome! I’m going to have to check out this brand because I am loving the packaging as well.

    • Jennifer

      You really can’t overestimate the value of good design…it goes a LONG way! And there’s so much more to fall in love with on their Etsy page…enjoy + let me know what you pick up!

  • http://www.shortsmallsweet.net Ru

    Love the photos! Oh my, that body oil sounds heavenly! Herbivore Botanicals is one of those brands sitting in my wish list, but never got around to getting anything from them…

    • Jennifer

      Thank you, Ru! I know, I have a bunch of brands like that…Indie Lee, Caru Skincare and Pollen and Wax…gotta get on it!

  • http://naturallabeauty.com Caitie

    I’ve become such a mask junkie recently and this one sounds amazing! And after a quick browse just now, I’m totally crushing on their Brightening Tourmaline White Clay mask too :)

    • Jennifer

      Right?! I swear, choosing what to order from Herbivore Botanicals is basically like choosing between children. Let me know if you try the white clay mask, it looks like a beaut!