Best of Acure Organics: Kathryne’s Favorites

Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex and Line Eraser

We’re in the midst of an Acure Organics streak over here. Haven’t ya heard? (Make sure you check out our interview with Acure’s President and Formulator, Amy Halman.)

For the past few months, I’ve been testing out a big haul of their lovely products, kindly sent to us by the knowledgable team at Acure. I’ve featured all my favorites below!

Acure was kind enough to include a lot of really targeted products for my combination/dry skin and color treated hair. I wanted to highlight the products that really moved me, so no better place to start then the product that is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tried since switching to an all-natural beauty regime. Get ready for your newest, soon-to-be obsession…

Line Eraser

The Line Eraser (19.99 for .5 oz) is my absolute, hands down, FAVORITE Acure product. The Line Eraser is not only a product I have ALREADY bought for myself, (and will again, and again…) but this little pot of heaven is your answer to most skin care problems. I started with putting it on my “lines” – forehead, laugh lines, etc. Then I started putting it on old acne scars, new acne scars, my eyebrows…you name it! (I started deliberately putting this on my eyebrows at night because I realized that it has helped them grow in thicker. Who doesn’t want THAT?) It’s like a healing salve, and so much more. You can put it on burns, cuts, scrapes, eczema, psoriasis, etc. It’s 100% organic. The Line Eraser’s rich, almost Vaseline-like texture lend itself to really, really working wonders on your skin. It lightens and brightens scars, and has worked literal miracles on my brow/frown lines, the things I am most self-conscious about. Even if you COVER yourself in it, as I have everyday, it will last you a solid 6-8 weeks. Not everyone will marinate in this like I do, so it will probably last you longer: I work from home mostly, so I am generally inclined to slather myself in anti-aging products and answer the door in a terry cloth robe looking like I belong in a wax museum. Thanks, delivery guy! Don’t be afraid of me! Come back soon!