Make It: All-Natural Whipped Body Butter

DIY Natural Body Butter

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to make homemade, all-natural body lotion and package it in cute little jars to give as holiday gifts. Easy enough, right?

Fast forward two months: five mediocre lotion recipes later, I finally figured out the secret to making DIY body lotion. IT’S WHIPPING, DUMMY (I say this to myself, not to you)! Just like you (or someone…on a dairy farm…) whip cream into butter, you can whip the ingredients for a nourishing body lotion into a thick, creamy body butter. I find the texture much more luxurious and enjoyable than just melting ingredients into a body cream/lotion.

I’ve finally landed on a recipe that is perfect for gift-giving, and fun to make. All you need are a few common ingredients and biceps made of steel!


Homemade Eye Cream in Three Easy Steps

Homemade eye cream

I love skincare. Oh my, oh my…I am a skincare sucker. As far as products go: does it promise me eternal youth? Can it shrink my pores? Will it preserve my 20s for me even when I’m 50? I’ma buy it. Got $60 to my name? I DON’T NEED TO EAT.

I have had a love affair with high-end skincare since I was 19. It all started when an 80-year-old woman stopped me on the streets of NYC. She took my hand and looked into my eyes and said, “You look so angry, you’re furrowing your brow. Stop that or you’ll look like me in 10 years! Take care of your skin!” I kid you not. It haunts me to this day. Afterwards, I walked into Macy’s and bought everything I could find that said “anti-aging” on it. I didn’t know at the time there were ingredients in some of those products that were harmful to me. Like…really harmful.

Instead, I believed what it said on the (beautiful) bottles of serums, plumping agents and moisturizers…claims that are rarely ever true. Now, at nearly 29, I care far less about preserving my young face than I do about being really healthy and CLEAN about it. I don’t want to hurt animals, the environment, or use scary chemicals to make sure I am line-free. Plus, I happen to think my laugh lines are ridiculously adorable, thankyouverymuch.

Here is the all-natural, homemade eye cream I have been using to fight aging, puffiness and dark circles. For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • Organic virgin coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Essential oil(s) of your choice (optional)
  • 2 oz. or smaller container (try and use an old eye cream container, preferably made of glass!)