Wild About Pemberley Jones! Alima Pure and Weleda For The Win!

Pemberley Jones

Alright, so if you are in the green beauty community and you also happen to blog, chances are you most certainly know about a certain Ms. Pemberley Jones. Her blogs and reviews are super helpful, from DIY hair masks to informing you about her newest favorite eye cream. (You know my weak spot is eye creams…I can’t get enough!)

When Pemberley launched her store a few months back, I was not only extremely happy for her, but I was ready to get on that bandwagon. Her motto is so universal yet so supremely awesome:

Go natural, stay beautiful.

She features brands like Caru Skincare, Meow Meow Tweet, Weleda, Osmia, Lina Hanson, Kahina Giving Beauty, Acure, Benecos, Alima, Waxelene and RGB…just to name a few! She offers free shipping on orders over $75, and you will receive the most adorable little polka dot-packaged surprise in the mail, as well as some samples of our favorite natural brands.

Here’s what I got and LOVED from my #pemjo haul!


Why We Love Dry Brushing

Dry brush

We brush our teeth. That’s important. I, personally, do not brush my hair anymore, but I hear that’s important to some people. Who knows? (Kidding.)

Dry brushing is something I came across 100% by accident. I had had several severe colds – or perhaps all the same one, just elongated – and I was feeling CRAPPY. I was getting used to feeling bad, particularly in the gland region. Well, after several Google searches, including key words like “lymph nodes,” I got this Amazon link to a “dry brush for lymphatic drainage.” You know how you can get a lymphatic massage at a spa? Similar idea. Anyway, then I started researching the crap out of dry brushing. And then I started incorporating dry brushing into my everyday ritual, and I loved the results. It sped up my process of recovering from that awful cold…and it has a ton of other benefits, too. I even got Jennifer one for her birthday!

So, what are the main benefits of dry brushing?