Meet Your Maker: Amy Halman of Acure Organics

We love Acure Organics around these parts. Not only are they one of the most widely available, effective and affordable natural skincare and haircare brands we’ve encountered, but they’re changing the personal care industry…and the minds of consumers…in a BIG way!

Amy Halman Acure Organics

So, we were pretty thrilled to interview Amy Halman, the President and Formulator of Acure. Amy is extremely knowledgable about the natural products realm and is the leader behind Acure’s hugely successful brand that is sold everywhere from natural beauty boutiques to your local Whole Foods.

In her interview, you will discover: Amy’s favorite Acure product, upcoming product releases from Acure (!) and the answer to the universe. OK, maybe not the latter, but everything else.

AND: in our upcoming posts, we’ll be sharing our favorite Acure Organics products. (Because we haven’t done enough of that already…ahem…) Onward!

Can you walk us through or tell us a bit about your ingredient sourcing process? How do you go about finding sustainable suppliers?

We passionately believe in organic agriculture so we seek as many certified organic ingredients as possible, not only for the sake of what you are putting onto and in your system but also to protect the planet from the synthetic and toxic ingredients that wash down the drain and into our air, waterways and soil to remain for generations to come. It is also crucial to make sure your resources are cruelty-free and no animal testing is conducted at any point in the process. We look for high-quality ingredients within the U.S. whenever possible to support our local economy and to be very mindful and connected to our carbon footprint. However, when sourcing from around the globe we hunt for fair trade resources to support fair wages and healthy working conditions for workers and their families.

We never look for ingredients as the “next new trend.” It’s so much more about clinically proven efficacy that is actually natural, healthy, supportive and proactive to the skin and body at the same time.

Cutting edge plant and food-based technology.