Going Green Tag

Going Green Tag

Tags, tags, tags: they’re a way for bloggers to pose questions to one another & get to know each other. And this is our first!

This “Going Green” tag was started by Rachel of All Natural Aspirations: it came our way via Ashley Rose of Damedrose (thanks for tagging us!) and we are finally getting around to writing it up. I mean…I’d talk about all-natural products & lifestyle choices all day if I could…so this is going to be fun.

1. What started it all off for you?
It started with buildings, for me: I work in the green building industry, and that opened my eyes to the myriad connections between the materials that we use to build our homes/offices/furniture and human health. From the paints we use to color our walls (you know that “new paint” smell? Yeah, that ain’t good for you!) to the glue that holds our cheap particle board bookcase together, there are unwanted nasties all over our homes that we’re bringing in, breathing in, and that may be causing some adverse health effects.

It’s scary stuff, but luckily there are healthy/greener alternatives available. I eventually began applying the same type of thinking to my beauty and skincare regime. And…here we are!