The Facial that Saved My Skin (!): Green Revolution Skin Studio


When Laura Dobi, founder of Green Revolution Skin Studio in Bethesda, Maryland (locals, take note!), reached out to me about swinging by her studio for an organic facial, I was turnt up about it. I’d never had a facial of any kind before (real talk), and Laura has serious green skin credentials and expertise, so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

What I didn’t expect was for my appointment with Laura to catalyze a whole new chapter in my skin’s history (!). Truly, no product or experience I’ve had since starting this blog has been as impactful on me or the state of my skin than my facial at Green Revolution Skin Studio. Seriously. Her studio is so aptly named! My skin is clearer than it has been in well over a year. After months and months of tirelessly swapping in an endless assortment of products, diet adjustments and supplements (to no avail), Laura gave my skin the reset and supplemental regimen it needed. Thank you, Laura!

If you’re stuck in a skincare rut, or haven’t been able to self-solve your skin issues, consider investing in a green/organic facial or consulting with a pro. With Laura, if you can! I was so stubborn and resolute in trying to clear my skin for over a year. I would have visited Laura much sooner if I’d known I’d have such amazing results.

SO: what can you expect from a treatment with this miracle worker?

First off, Laura’s studio is beautiful, calming and quaint. It’s built to accommodate a single client at a time, so you get her full attention and don’t feel like you’re in a skincare factory with bathrobe-clad strangers milling around everywhere. Laura’s energy matches that of her studio: she is so kind, positive and genuine. An appointment with her is not just a facial. It’s a complete mind-body experience. And it. Is. Awesome.

Laura’s facials are customized to your skin type and she’ll select products and procedures according to your specific skin challenges and concerns. She’s drawing on a seriously well-versed education in skincare: she knows her way around a facial and is extremely knowledgable on products, ingredients and WHY they work (as well as what doesn’t). She uses a wide variety of organic/green-leaning products including Suki, SIRCUIT, the Body Deli, and more.


If you choose the 60-minute facial, like I had, your experience will include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face/shoulder/upper back massage and aromatherapy. My favorite parts included:

  • A pumpkin enzyme peel: Laura applied a peel by SIRCUIT early on in my treatment. She said it leaves skin with a healthy glow (please and thanks!).
  • The jade roller: I’ve seen these blogged about quite a bit, but had never experienced one. THE BEST! Laura used a chilled jade roller to calm and soothe my skin after she’d performed extractions. They’re supposed to assist with drainage and de-puffing.
  • The meditation: Laura’s services include an optional meditation at the end (obviously I was in: hello, Unsullied hippie child). It was such a nice way to bring her treatment to a conclusion (and stay in the hyper-relaxed state she put me in for just a little bit longer).

After this li’l revolutionary procedure, I turned to Laura for a regimen recommendation. She has an impressive stash of skincare products in her studio, and I’m a sucker for new brands!

Here’s what I picked up, per Laura’s recommendations:

  • SIRCUIT X-Trap+ Daily Gentle Face Wash: Super gentle, liquid face wash. This product ranks a 3 (moderate hazard) on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep database, but I wasn’t too put off by the ingredient list. Just sodium benzoate (a preservative) and SD (specially denatured) alcohol were flags for me, but even those aren’t so bad.
  • SIRCUIT Fixzit+ Blemish Drying Serum: Laura advised me to use this blemish serum not as a spot treatment, but as an allover treatment once daily, before bed. I apply a thin layer to any problem areas. Much to my surprise, it doesn’t sting or aggravate my skin AT ALL. It’s so gentle. BUT…this product ranks 5 on EWG because it contains retinol, or vitamin A. There are many studies and opinions on retinol: EWG states that it can speed the development of skin tumors and legions in the presence of sunlight. You should of course be aware/careful of this, but it’s not all bad, and is supposed to do amazing things for the skin (speeding cell turnover and improving skin condition), which is why you see it in so, so many products these days.

I had never encountered SIRCUIT products before visiting Laura’s studio. Since leaving Laura’s studio and using these two SIRCUIT products for a month-ish, my skin has done a complete 180. If you’re struggling with oily skin and acne, and are comfortable with the ingredients in each of these products, I would highly, high, highly recommend you pick them up! If they can save you the year+ it took me to find a regimen that works, well, then, we’re gettin’ somewhere!

Laura’s 60-minute, customized organic facial runs $145. Check out her full assortment of treatments.

Check back tomorrow for a seriously awesome Q&A with Laura, and a special deal so you can go get a customized facial of your own.

**Green Revolution Skin Studio generously offered me a 60-minute facial for review. Tips on service and products were paid for by Unsullied. Check out our policy on product/service reviews.

  • Lauren Burkitt

    Great post! I’m bookmarking this little spa, hopefully I can make it to Maryland sometime! Sounds like a wonderful space, I love how a good facial can feel like a mini-vacation. xo

    • Unsullied

      Thanks, Lauren! I’m really glad I had the experience – completely agree with you. I had no idea a facial could be so relaxing. It was even better than a massage/yoga/meditation, for me! – Jennifer