Etsy Find: Meadowlark Botanical

Meadowlark Botanical Etsy

It’s HOT here in Cali! 100 degrees of dry sauna insanity in my backyard. Six months out of the year I am taking two showers a day (short ones…water conservation!), which is no bother, because that’s twice as many cool new products I can try and blog about. Woo!

I wanted to spend some of my tax return money on independent skin care brands. I started to dive into research mode, with some really exciting results…

I came across Meadowlark Botanical on Etsy, and after having some really awesome and informative conversations with Jessica, the owner, I was beyond jazzed to buy some of her gorgeous products. Jessica hails from beautiful Colorado, and is passionate about making products that are safe for you, your babies (if applicable!), and your home. She makes soaps, body oils, scrubs, facial masks, dry shampoos, cuticle cream, and much more!

Jessica started this company in 2013 after she started suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder that makes most commercial beauty products impossible for her to use. She wanted to create products for herself and others than were not only effective, but mindful of the environment and simple in their nature. In a word: SAFE.

Her products are perfect for sensitive skin and anyone looking to rid themselves of irritants found in commercially produced items. Her goods are cruelty-free and vegetarian and/or vegan, and made without preservatives or known allergens. Oh, and did I mention effective? Affordable? Perfect for summertime? Here are the deets!

Orange Blossom Organic Body Wash

Something about super hot weather makes me yearn for citrus: citrus to eat, citrus to smell, citrus to wear. I found JUST what I was craving in Meadowlark Botanical’s Orange Blossom Organic Body Wash ($10 for 4.5 ounces). I love natural artisan bar soaps, I really do…but sometimes you just want a liquid, you know? It’s made with raw honey, neroli oil, and organic orange essential oils among other fine ingredients. It gets a nice lather and is an absolute dream to shave with. I have been digging how rich and sweet the orange scent comes through. I can almost taste the orange, it’s so adorably pungent. It’s not perfumey, just really bright and uplifting. It’s great for mornings when I am not exactly excited to be awake. Wait, that’s… every morning. I am a night owl, that’s when my brain does it’s best work!

Lavender + Chamomile Calming Body Oil

The Lavender + Chamomile Calming Body Oil ($11 for 4.5 ounces) is a really nice, light oil to use before bedtime. I like to take showers at night, so after getting out I will slather this on for a subtle scent of lavender, which makes sleeping easier. The scent is not overpowering, and comes off as very natural – a little goes a long way. It really does calm, and it doesn’t just lie on your skin, it absorbs and makes it quite soft. I suggest applying it to clean, freshly showered skin. The first ingredient listed is organic avocado oil, and after using this product, I am so excited to start looking into more more avocado oil products as it is mild and gentle! This would be ideal for after shaving or on irritated skin/stretch marks. I have even been putting a dab of it by my temples as I sleep at night for extra relaxation. How did I not come across this product sooner?

Meadowlark Botanical Cuticle Cream Etsy

Organic Cuticle Cream

The Organic Cuticle Cream ($7 for 1.5 oz.) is divine, and doesn’t leave my fingers too oily. I call this the perfect “watching Netflix” activity. I like to have items next to my couch that I can grab when I get a hankering for multi-tasking. This includes foot cream, cuticle creams, supplies for making friendship bracelets (what? I grew up in the ’90s…), Candy Crush…stuff to keep me preoccupied! I know you know what I’m talking about. For $7, it’s a reasonable and nourishing addition to your late night activities. It’s a special cream with all the good butters and oils – coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, etc. – that specifically targets weak skin in need of repair, so it’s handy for toes, too. I highly suggest it!

Orange Blossom Organic Body Wash ingredients:
Grapeseed oil, raw colorado honey, orange essential oil, rose essential oil, castille soap, vitamin e, evening primrose oil, lime essential oil, raw honey, vegetable glycerin, organic rice bran oil, organic neroli essential oil

Organic Lavender + Chamomile Calming Body Oil ingredients:
Organic avocado oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic rice bran oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic chamomile essential oil, vitamin E

Organic Cuticle Cream ingredients:
Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic orange essential oil, organic cocoa butter, vitamin E, organic grapeseed oil

  • Ana Green

    What a great little find, fantastic ingredients Xx

    • Unsullied

      Right? I love how simple and effective they are! :0)

  • Unsullied

    She’s the bee’s knees, too! Jessica is super helpful when making your purchase, she answers questions very quickly. :0) I am really digging all her soaps!- Kathryne

  • Tania

    They look like a lovely brand and the orange blossom body wash sounds divine! x

  • Jen Morris

    Oooh body oil, I’m in love! I’ve just bought one from The Earth Works Cosmetics but who says I can’t have more than one (two or even three) as back up! Lovely post, thanks for sharing! x

    • Unsullied

      It was such a pleasure to find this brand- I too am always looking for new oils and concoctions that are all natural— the smell of the lavender is just to die for! I will have to check out Earth Works! Ooo! :0)

  • lizthegreenspirit

    Awesome find! An orange blossom body wash is right up my alley, thank you for introducing it :) xx

    • Unsullied

      Sure thing! It’s currently my most favorite thing in my shower- so perfect for the hot weather!

  • Amber

    I love a good uplifting body wash as I am the same as you – not a morning person!! Thanks for sharing, I love a good Etsy find!

    • Unsullied

      I do believe Etsy shops are changing the world in a positive way. So great to have options other than what we may find in stores! And I love communicating directly with the maker- priceless!

  • Nic Gustafsson

    Thanks for sharing another Etsy find! I love stumbling across smaller artisan companies like this. The body wash sounds like it’s heaven for both body and nose!

    • Unsullied

      It really is! Just what the doctor ordered for summer, I can’t get enough of it!

  • shortsmallsweet

    These products look lovely. I love it when we dig up etsy treasures like this! xx

    • Unsullied

      I love getting lots in all these great Etsy shops— going down the rabbit hole and finding these great natural and organic products is the most fun! I love her packaging, and she sends a lovely little note as well as a mystery plant seed to plant in a pot or your garden! Adorable!

  • Buff Beauty

    Love that the weather is allowing you to enjoy your natural beauty stash!! Sounds like these are just the soothing treats you need too. x

    • Unsullied

      Yes and yes! I can’t get enough citrus in my life! :0)