Hubba, Hubba…! A Night For Green Beauty

Did you know there’s an annual event that celebrates the bountiful world of green beauty? And that it was earlier this month? (Most of you bloggers and green beauty fans are probably nodding, “Yup. DUH.”)

But just in case you haven’t heard of A Night for Green Beauty (ANFGB), put on by green skincare line La Bella Figura and drawing bloggers and product manufacturers from around the country, (kind of like charcoal draws dirt out from pores…OK, terrible green beauty joke…) let me paint you a quick picture.

Twenty-two green beauty brands set up shop at the W hotel in Los Angeles to share their fantastic wares, (and samples…samples!) including the beloved Jose Rosebrook, Osmia Organics, Alima Pure, the list. GOES. ON!

Flowers crowns were sported.

Cold-pressed juice was sipped.

A cornucopia of sustainably and stylishly packaged beauty and skincare products, teeming with powerful natural, nourishing and organic ingredients awaited all in attendance.

I mean…it’s pretty much what you would expect: HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

I can’t tell you how hard it was going to ANFGB in Los Angeles without my dear baby sister & blogger-in-crime, Jennifer. Well, hard may be an overstatement, heh, because it was like a dreamland I could have never fathomed (sorry, sis!)…it was overwhelming and beautiful! All those green brands all in the same place?! It was so magical!

My hubby came with me to help snap photos. He may not be a fan of shimmery mineral eye shadows and citrus-scented body oils, but he is pretty much the best ever for snapping photos and coming along for the ride while I covered myself in natural perfumes from Lurk and swathed in various facial serums. I might have left looking a little crazy, but by God, it was WORTH IT!

Meeting the people behind the brands and blogs that Jennifer and I have loved, admired, and gained so much knowledge and enlightenment from was truly special. I could go on about it forever. But in the interest of your boredom and my social life, I am going to highlight just a few of my favorite experiences for you!

African Botanics

Meeting Julia Noik, the founder of African Botanics, a really gorgeous, LA-based natural body and face line, was a bit of a dream. She was kind, spent a generous 10 minutes with me (there were about 500 people at this event and the space was buzzing and cramped full of excited bloggers and consumers), and took the time to explain the process making her extraordinary products. Her line, founded in tandem with her husband, is closely connected to their South African roots – home to one of the world’s richest t floral kingdoms.

African Botanics

They write, “For centuries, South African men and women have used pure marula oil to amplify positive energy, detoxify, nourish, hydrate, and beautify their skin.”

Marula oil is the basis of the African Botanics line: thin, scentless, and absorbent. I will write a full review of their beautiful products in the coming months, but I just wanted to share with you my hands down favorite product of the night: The Marula Shimmering Gold Oil. You can use it on your face, body, and HAIR (!) for a very light shimmering glow that makes you look healthy, sexy, and like you just effortlessly appear luminous. It’s not sparkly…it’s just a subtle glow to make you feel your best on a special night. I wore it to my wedding reception this past Saturday! Thank you, Julia!

S.W. Basics

Unsullied has had a long love affair with S.W. Basics (ohhh, their hibiscus mask…and their legendary toner…)  and after I locked eyes with founder Adina Grigore in the back of the room, I just knew we were going to have a great time. Y’know how you just know you’re going to click with certain people? Yeah. She’s a riot! On top of having her awesome line of products on display, she also shared with me a very special body oil that contains lavender and allspice for a soon-to-be fall favorite…it’s not even available yet. I felt like I was going undercover! Keep watch for it (and remember where you heard ’bout it, girl!). Soon you will be able to smell, experience, and marinate in this lovely oil – and I can tell you right now – it’s a keeper.

Feeling the excitement in the air and being surrounded by the prettiest and greenest of products around me was a dream…and provided enough inspiration for about 100 new blog posts. I was on cloud nine and having repeated fan girl moments over Josh Rosebrook, Juice Beauty, Mun Skin, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, and Indie Lee, to name a few. I’m so grateful to have met so many gurus! The best part of the night was watching how happy these products made people. I feel lucky to have attended… and will wait on bated breath for the next ANFGB!

Wanna see more random snaps? YOU GOT IT!




  • shortsmallsweet

    You look beautiful, Kathryne! Lucky you got to attend ANFGB, it must’ve been a blast. And kudos to your husband who braved the crowds with you – mine will NEVER do such a thing with me. Did you bring home any goodies? :D

    • Unsullied

      Thank- you so much! :0) So sweet of you! It was SUCH a blast and I feel so lucky to have a dude that can sustain a few hours of green beauty crowds and lots of insanity… the good kind! Ha! I got so lucky as I was able to leave with a few samples from Indie Lee including their squalane oil made from olives, eye balm from Laurel, some Juice Beauty samples including their Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift (omg… I received enough for one use and I felt like I was at the spa because it comes with these pads you put under your eyes that stick there after you activate it with this super cool serum… so. Great. And effective!), and I also got a few samples from Alima… an all time favorite. I will be reviewing their mascara and eyeliner in an upcoming post for sure! It felt like Christmas when I left… I was/am so excited! All the brands there were so kind and generous!

  • lifeinblush

    Kathryne you’re such a stunning, classic-looking beauty! Hopefully the planets will align fo me to attend next year. What red lip colour are you rocking? (p.s. love that you have red hair like me :) )

    • Unsullied

      Aw! Thank- you! That made my day :D Yes, I SO hope you can come next year… it was so overwhelming- in a good way… I have never attended anything like it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles in size next year. I JUST got my red hair back, I am so glad you noticed! I had to dye it black this summer for a small part I got in an indie movie and it took about 8 weeks for it to be dyed back to bright red… haha… whew! Redheads unite! :0) I am wearing a Bite Beauty Matte Crayon in jewel red with Acure lip gloss in Dannng over it! ! ! It would be so great if you could come next year! I hope you can!

  • lizthegreenspirit

    Wow Kathryne you’re are a beauty!! It definitely looked like a magical night, and the pictures are great. Ahh if only teleportation existed ;-)

    • Unsullied

      Right back atcha, Liz! I know, right? I was so lucky to live in LA and to be able to drive to this. :D I saw bloggers there from around the country too that had flown in special for it, so that warmed my heart. I can’t imagine missing this next year so I hope I can go then too— highlight of the summer…! Glad the pics are doing it justice :0)

  • pheart

    this event looks awesome, with i could have flown to LA :-)

    • Unsullied

      It really was so fun… and informative… I wish I could go to one every few months… or everyday. :0)

  • Buff Beauty

    Wow, sounds like it was an awesome eve! Would’ve loved to have sipped juices with you. Also liking the look of the African Botanics range. x

    • Unsullied

      It really was super awesome.. I am still reeling from the excitement of it! African Botanics is going to be a post very soon… we are so excited to feature them, what a find. So exciting. :0)

  • Amber

    Ahhh it looks so amazing! I wish they did something like this in the UK…somebody needs to! xx